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Getting started

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To create your own web based Electronic Health Records and Tele health system, please visit Our sign up page, complete the sign up form and and submit it.

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After we receive your submission, we will send a confirmation email to the email address you provided.

The confirmation email is one of the steps we take to verify your identity and activate your account.

For the account activation step to be complete, you are required to log into your email account and follow the confirmation procedure.

If you do not see our mail in your inbox, please check your email 'spam' folder.

Log in

After your account has been created and activated, you will be able to sign into your EHR.

Activate your account

Your dashboard

The dashboard provides a real time snapshot of some data items of interest such as number of patient visits, admissions, payments, etc. Your access priviledges will determine what you can see on your dashboard.

Screenshot Normally, you will be directed to your dashboard every time you successfully log in.

Through the sidebar, you can quickly navigate to other parts of the system such as Patients, Lab, Pharmacy, Billing, Admin, etc.


The patient data module allows you to manage patient records. You can add new patients, search for patients, and update patient details from the patient module. Screenshot

Add new patient

To add a new patient, click 'add patient' located on the top menu bar. Complete the patient bio form and click 'Save' to save your new patient record.


Search and retrieval

Chart Synergy EHR provides search facilities for most of the data display pages. A search bar is located at the middle layer below the top navigation bar. To search for a record, simple type your search term into the search bar and hit 'search' button.

Your search term can be the patient ID, First name, Last Name or First name & Last name.


Importing patients

One important step to take after activating your account is to migrate your data to Chart Synergy EHR.

If you maintain a list of your patients with excelsheets, then you can upload your excel sheet and Chart Synergy EHR will import the patient data.

The data migration step can be accomplished in a few steps. To quickly migrate your patient list see Bulk upload

How to bulk - upload patient data

Screenshot The bulk upload feature comes in handy when you have patient records stored in xlxs (Excel) format. Instead of entering the records manually in Chart Synergy EHR you can 'bulk upload' all the records if you already have your records stored in Excel.

However, your Excel sheet must adhere to a given format:

  • patientId, firstName, lastName, middleName, nationality, addressLine1, addressLine2, City

Only firstName,lastName and gender attributes are compulsory

Please follow the steps below to migrate your patient records from excel to Chart Synergy EHR

  • Log into your Chart Synergy account

  • Open the patient data module

  • Click 'bulk upload'

  • Select the Excel (xlxs) file that contains your patient records ( See Chart Synergy on-screen instructions for excel format)


  • To see the the format, click 'see correct format' on the pop-up window

  • Click 'Choose file'

  • Select the excel file you want to upload

  • Click the upload button

  • Wait for the process to complete

  • Done

You may toggle the progress switch on the upload panel to monitor progress of the record upload process

View patient data

To retrieve and view patient data.

  • Navigate to the patient data module

  • Search for the record you want to view

  • Click on the record

The patient details view allows you to see important information about the patient.


In this view you can access the patient bio data, allergies, past visits, and a summary sheet of visits.

You may expand or collapse each section by clicking on the drop down arrows.

The flow sheet section provides a quick snapshot of the patient.

It displays the patient history, family history, etc, and summary of recent visits, prescriptions and medications.


You may place your mouse pointer over each visit date to see a pop-up summary of visit note.

Electronic Charts

To start charting, Create a new patient record or open an existing patient record.

How to record patient visit

In the patient view, click 'Add visit'.

New Patient visit

The new visit form is a S.O.A.P based form in which you will type your notes.

Save your data after typing into the appropriate form fields.

If you successfully saved your visit record, you will be redirected to the visit view where you will see the note you just entered and more menu items that can allow you to perform other tasks.

Patient visit

From the visit view, you can:

  • Add test requests

  • Add vital signs / Observation chart

  • Record diagnosis/problems

  • E-Prescribe

  • Add nurse assessments

  • Create a folder for file upload

  • Request medical procedures

  • Create referrals

  • Create other medical documents

  • etc

How to add vitals

You may add information such as body temperature, weight, height, blood pressure, etc by clicking 'Add vitals'.

Patient visit_add_vitals

Enter the data into the appropriate form fields and click 'Save'.

Patient visit_add_vitals

How to e-prescribe

Patient visit_prescription

Patient visit_prescription

Patient prescription_drug_list

How to order a test

How to enter a test result

Patient prescription_drug_list

Patient prescription_drug_list

How to add notes

Add note to visit

Add note dropdown

Visit note

Patient history records

Patient visit_prescription

Document management

Patient_menu - Add folder

Create folders and upload files

Add folder

Document management - Folder list

Document management - Add folder

Uploading files

Document management - Upload files

Document management - Upload files

Viewing uploaded files

Document management - Media object

Downloading uploaded files

File sharing


Pharmacy information management module is used for managing electronic prescriptions and drug inventory


Prescriptions are typically created by care providers ( Doctors and Nurses), and are immediately viewable through the Chart Synergy pharmacy dashboard. To see a list of current and past prescriptions :

  • Click 'Pharmacy' from the left menu or main dashboard to take you to your pharmacy dashboard.
  • When inside the pharmacy dashboard, click 'Rx' ( Short for Prescriptions).

Drugs and Vaccines

The drugs and vaccines section of your pharmacy dashboard is designed to help authorised users manage drug and vaccine inventory respectively. You may create new records or modify existing records from here.

How to transmit Prescriptions

Pharmacy Invoices

The pharmacy will normally require to charge for goods and services purchased by customers. To create invoices go to create invoice


How to order a lab test

Test results/reports

How to enter test results

Test result template

Lab Invoices

The lab will normally require to charge for goods and services purchased by customers. To create invoices go to create invoice

Staff management

The staff management module allows you to store important information about all your employees, manage ward assignments, and work schedules.

Chart Synergy uses employee information to facilitate internal workflow. Eg. If a physician issues a prescription to a patient, Chart Synergy will attach the prescribing physicians name to that prescription.

Accounts & Billing

You can manage basic transactions from the accounting module. It lets you manage Invoices generated for procedures performed on patients, diagnostics, prescriptions, and other services rendered to patients. This lightweight accounting system also allows authorized users to manage insurance and claims for all patients.


The client menu contains account information for all patients. A client object represents an account and each patient is associated with an client ( account ). A client account is required for billing purposes. So, for each patient you wish to generate invoices, please ensure that the patient has a corresponding client record. . Normally, Chart Synergy will create a client( account ) for a patient the first time the patient record is created. However, you may need to create a client account manually if a patient does not have one. To create a client account:

  • Go to your account dashboard
  • Click 'Client' on your dashboard menu
  • Click 'Add Client' on your menu bar screen showing pointer on 'Add client ' button
  • Complete the 'create client' form screen showing 'create client' form
  • Save


How to create an invoice

To create invoices: - Click the 'create invoice' icon. Account screen displaying invoice

  • Enter required details into the form Account screen displaying invoice creation form

  • Click 'add invoice item' from the menu Pharmacy screen showing invoice and cursor on add invoice item

  • Enter the item name ( auto complete ) and quantity.

  • Save the item to the invoice. To add more invoice items, follow step 3 to 4

Transmission of records

Electronic transmission


Sale Items


Insurance company

Insurance Plans

Client Insurance


Report Dashboard

Patient reports

Visit reports




Medical Procedure

Meaningful use



What you can do with it

Setting up messaging

Retrieving in-box

Message outbox

Search Inbox

Compose and send messages

Message security and privacy

Chart Synergy is a platform that enables collaboration and information sharing between authorised stake holders. However, the nature of data stored in Chart Synergy requires that all users take the necessary steps to protect data privacy.


User management

How to add new users

How to restrict user access

System settings

Data dictionary management

Company & Provider

Ward and Beds

Medical Procedures

Diagnostics tests

Activity Logs


Terms of use

Privacy policy

Refund policy

Security & Privacy